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I'm the webmaster, my name is ET (Fergus Nolan). I'm the former safety officer of one of our local riding clubs, here in West Tennessee. I am also a member of the ST Owners Club. This site is not sanctioned by the STOC or any other group. The site is owned by my employer, FNSK Company Inc, trading as Bikesafer.com, who is responsible for everything.

I have a Honda ST 1300 and a Honda 919, and I ride them with groups, solo, touring and around town. I love to ride. I've been riding motorcycles since I was 16, with a 15-year break, and I've been in more accidents than I care to recall, but thankfully none recently.

ET on ST1300I started up this site because I'm fed up with the rising death toll among bikers, and with the slowness of the DOT to get the new cycle crash study going. I figure bikers (between us) know as much as anyone about what causes accidents, and maybe we can use this site to gather information and manage our risks better. if we don't do something for ourselves, the powers that be will try to regulate us. Speed governers, mandatory safety stuff, that sort of junk.

Also, business is a bit slow, but that's another story.

OK, you can see that ET doesn't mind protective gear and full face helmets in that awful shade of yellow. Not to worry, we have a 'Dork Alert' system, and whenever ET is babbling about dorky stuff, you can click on the geek to find less dorky alternatives. dork alert

I am lucky to have been able to talk to dozens of bikers about safety. Thank you, Special ED, Goofey Cain, Bubba Strawn, Clone, Turbo Rabbit, Hamayar, John Milliken, Wayne Miller, Lee Parks, Steve Garets, Roger Huggins and dozens of other bikers and officials who contributed material, time and advice, or inspired me by their example. And thanks to the hundreds of websites and blogs who are linked in this site.

That needed some research, and still needs more. Any info on the site is free for anyone to use in any way you like, but if you use linked information please follow that site's sharing policy.

You can use the Blog page or the Contact Page to contact us and give us information or your opinion, or offer any help you like. Or just sound off, or correct bad info, whatever's on your mind.

Read our disclaimer.

Our privacy policy is simple. We don't ever reveal any of your personal information to anybody. Period, although Google, our ad service, does.