Saturday, July 18, 2009

Training at Total Control

Just got back from a ride to Johnson City, Tennessee. I took the Lee Parks Total Control Advanced Rider Clinic, level 1.

It's reviewed here. is planning a series of training reviews to cover major parts of the industry, this is the first installment.

Total Control is an interesting critter. It's all about turning your bike, using race-proven technique adapted for road use. Big Beemer tourers, a Harley Ultra Classic and my ST1300 were quite at home, and I must say I had fun and learned a lot. Traction is traction, whether on the track or the road, and scientific cornering gets you around with a nice bit of road to spare, ready for the unexpected. It will take me weeks to fully assimilate what I learned last Thursday, throw me in the briar patch.

Afterwards, Wayne Miller of Dragon Safe and Lee Parks and I chatted over dinner. We talked about Brittany Morrow's sad case and all she's been doing since to promote good bike gear. I've got to say that Wayne and Lee both wore head-to-toe gear any time they rode, as did everyone in the course.

Biker psychology was to the fore. Bikers are risk-takers (but don't have death wishes). We sometimes have a victim mentality, which is something we could lose. We sometimes crave peer approval, to the point where we do dumb stuff, like wheelies and wearing inadequate protection. Head adjustment time.

Wayne and Lee are very excited about the new training course they are putting together for the Marines, and Lee's new intermediate level rider course in Troy, NY.


Anonymous Rioguy said...

Lately, I learned about Lee Parks' 10 cornering steps from a raving review by James Davis. (As usual, James was raving.)

When I went out and tried them, they worked just as advertised. When I get a chance, I'll buy the book and study it. Then take the course.

It's an interesting way of cornering. Since I'm a speed limit rider, it doesn't give a lot of advantage, but the variety is fun.

August 7, 2009 10:37 AM  

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