Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ride like a Pro DVD reviewed. adds to its library of training reviews with Ride like a Pro, the DVD, Jerry Palladino's training DVD. This is a very nicely-produced video featuring the patented Palladino brand of range training. The exercises are based on a relaxed, civilian-oriented version of the police rodeo style training. It cover the vital skills of cornering, swerving and the quick stop, all essential for survival.

We always say that, without regular practice, the techniques learned in basic rider training and other courses go away, and bikers fall short when these skills are really needed. This DVD is an economical way for a couple of riding buddies, or a riding club, to set up an afternoon or a day of skills practice. Gerry Palladino's direct and engaging style, and the clearly filmed demonstrations, explain the principles in a straightforward way.

With a little additional reading in riding strategy, which you can find in, this video is a good training aid for intermediate and experienced bikers looking for an economical skills training option.



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