Thursday, November 19, 2009

We review The Motorcycle Safety Foundation's Guide to Motorcycling Excellence

We reviewed the MSF's book, and it is a nicely-produced volume aimed at riders in their first few years.  It deals with issues like countersteering, traditionally ignored by the MSF and has a comprehensive overview of basic riding strategies, bike issues, skills and technical issues which every bikers should know about.   As an adjunct to the relatively skimpy Basic RiderCourse text, it will take you to the next level, although, with a bit of digging, you could find equivalent information on the web for free.  For twenty bucks, less on the online discount sites, a biker at any level could read something here that could save his life, and if you work better with books than live instruction or electronic media, this is a good early choice for your reading list.   We do point out a few areas where we disagree with MSF's approach, the two-second following distance rule and the downshift when braking rule, but if you follow up on those issues and anything else you have questions about, a little controversy.  

We have more book reviews coming up, including David Hough's 'Proficient Motorcycling' and the UK police roadcraft manual. 


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