Saturday, December 12, 2009

Motorcycle Crash Causation Study, the Story So Far

We've redone our Crash Causation Study, the Story So Far page to be a more readable version of our Study Resources information.

We've  included a study milestones section, which summarizes the main developments so far.  We added a cost comparison study which we had previously blogged, then we provide the little we know about the funds spent, mainly the $994K provided in the 2006 SAFETEA-LU allocation.  We expect to learn more from our pending Freedom of Information Act request for additional FHTSA documents on the pilot study.  We briefly air the study sample size issue and challenged Dr. Ahmed to demonstrate his knowledge of the literature and basic bike skills. 

We are still frustrated at the lack of progress and good information on this issue, and our petition is gathering signatures daily. 


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