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ambulance  Crash Scene Assistance

A fellow biker has gone down, and we are first on the scene? After we dial 911, what can we do?Rose

There's training for that. It's called Motorcycle Accident Scene Training.

Accidentscene.org/ MAST training.

Midsouth ASMI accident scene training Yahoo group

Article on MAST training

Slideshow on scenes from a MAST course.

Additional Training:

It's never a problem to have first aid and CPR training. See your local Red Cross, American Heart Association or continuing education schools for more details.

Equipment Note

Maybe find space in your saddlebags for a first aid kit and flares.

Pillion Passengers

Paramedics sometimes don't find the second rider in a bike crash, which has led to the death of several pillion passengers. Paramedics find one unconscious or incommunicative rider and assume that they found everyone. Kathy Mellembakken of Mid-South ASMI sugests that both riders wear 'dog tags' or medical alert necklace announcing the other person's presence. Paramedics routinely check for medical alert necklaces. See our blog posting on lost pillion passengers for more.

Medical Facts Card

Carry a card on your bike with emergency contact and medical details. Here's one you can download. It'll print nicely on standard 3 up 3"X5" card stock, or use regular card and a scissors.

Don't forget to set your cellphone ICE contact (In Case of Emergency) to your nearest and dearest. Emergency personnel check this when looking for kin.

Lifting a Dropped Bike

Here's a couple of videos on how to get a bike back up

Youtube on lifting a bike

Youtube: a girl lifts a honkin' big bike.

Crash Scene Precautions

The MAST course covers this, but when handling a crashed bike, look out for hot parts, including pipes and brake disc rotors. There might be sharp parts after an accident. Don't ride a dropped bike until it is checked for safety - the T-Clocs checks at the very least, and check for bent and broken frame, mirror and levers.