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A pilot study for the proposed new crash study has been done in California and the report should be published by NHTSA by May 1st, 2010. We obtained information on the study's finances and contractual details under the Freedom of Information Act, and have more details here.

We have a page in progress on the recently-announced MSF/Virginia Tech 'naturalistic' study here.

There is a National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety, sponsored by the DOT and MSC. It is more a wish list than research.

Ace bikeThe MAIDS Report from Europe is cool. It is based on data from 1999-2000 in Europe and has radically different conclusions from Hurt. You can download the report free. This report should be the yardstick by which the new USA study is measured, although the data can't be assumed to translate directly to the very different US environment. Still, a good read. Maids found that the incidence of cage-caused right-of-way crashes had declined to about half what Hurt reported.

The Thailand study done in 1998-2001 by Vira Kasantikul was influential in being the testbed for the OECD methodology as used in Maids and the current OSU study.

This New Zealand study done between 1993 and 1996 focused on the Hurt conspicuity finding. They found that motorcycle riders with white helmets had a 24% lower risk of being hurt in an accident than black helmet wearers. There were also benefits reported from fluorescent or reflective riding gear (37%) and from having lights on during the day.

We quote this study from New South Wales, Australia, which has radically different results from Hurt. The majority of their crashes, about 65 percent, were caused by the biker.

Univ. of Oregon is conducting a study to see if the increase in the use of car daytime runing lights can make bikes harder to see. We'll report on the resuts as they come in. In the meantime, consider making some of the motorcycle conspicuity changes and see the demonstration videos there. We think that making your light pattern very different from a car might help here too, but there's enough info here to make up your own mind.