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Crash Study Petition Mailing List

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The Crash Study mailing list is available for discussion of the Crash Study, occasional informational updates, and to organize a ride to deliver the petitions. The list is moderated to make sure you don't get spammed.

It is an opt-in opt-out list, you can unsubscribe anytime, here or by using the return link sent with each message.

All members can send mail to the list, which is moderated.

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Our Privacy Policy

We never reveal any of your personal information to anybody. Period. The petition forms are an exception, they will be delivered to one or more of the stakeholders. If you use the mail-in form, information from the email header will be included, but we will print them out and not use them electronically.

Our mailing list is an opt-in opt-out list. You can unsubscribe on this page anytime, or by following the instructions included in every email we send. We will never include any commercial solicitations in the mailings sent via this mailing list.