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Risk Hierarchy: Information - Rider Ed - Driver Ed - Conspicuity - Bike Defect - Ultra-Defensive Riding - Crash Avoidance - Injury Mitigation - Crash Scene

Bike on geen cross

Riding your bike safely is a complex subject, so we break it down. It's a Risk Hierarchy. Sorting a problem lower in the hierarchy means that there are fewer crashes to deal with at the more risky higher levels. Roll mouse over a section for more info, or click to go to the page.

See table view

risk hierarchy Driver Education Rider Education Information Conspicuity Ultra Defensive riding Injury Mitigation Evasion and mitigation Crash Scene We'd like to handle motorcycle safety issues as early as possible in this escalating Risk Hierarchy.

Note: We put 'active conspicuity' in the Ultra Defensive section, and we have put 'rider equipment' in the Injury Mitigation section.