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Bike and blackboardShould you ride a motorcycle?

Fair question. Motorcycles are not for everyone. They are a lot of fun, a huge thrill. But they are dangerous, uncomfortable and need constant care and attention.

Here's the MSF's checklist on whether you ought to ride.

Here's Neatorama with a tongue in cheek quote from British automotive TV star, Jeremy Clarkson on riding a sooter.

And here's a page on why you should ride a bike, from the UK Moto Guzzi rider's club.

Motorcycles need a lot of maintenance. Rear tires usually wear out every 8000 to 10000 miles, for example, and the other maintenance intervals are short. A poorly maintained bike is a death trap. There is very little mechanical redundancy on a bike. You can't skimp on preventative maintenance. Most federal safety standards that apply to cars are not for motorcycles.

OK, we at Bikesafer made our decisions. You can very easily be killed or worse on a bike. You have to decide this life-changing issue for yourself. Please take your time about it.

If you decide to ride, also decide to do it right. Check out Brittany Morrow's experience and resolve to get some good personal protection equipment and wear it every ride. (We cover safety gear in our Injury Mitigation section, with stealth tips for those who don't want to be obvious about it). Decide to get properly trained and to make a study of defensive riding. You are already in the right place for that, bookmark us.

Make some promises to yourself.

If you decide to ride, the next step is Basic Training.